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Take the Chill Out of Augusta’s Winter Nights

Warm weather is the standard throughout much of the year here in the Augusta area, but winter does show its teeth from time to time. Having a functional heating system is still important, even in this warm climate, and Bailey's can make sure yours is ready to go with our heating repair services.

There are plenty of ways a heating system can wind up in a position to need repair work performed, especially if that system is starting to show its age. Whether it’s stopped working completely or just doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should be, the first step is to call Bailey's Comfort Services to contact us and get to the bottom of the problem.

If you need a broken heater repaired in Augusta, pick up your phone and dial (706) 343-3999.

Four Reasons to Look into Heating Repair

If your heating system simply won’t turn on, you’ll immediately know that repair—or potentially heating replacement—is needed. But what if it runs, yet doesn’t quite seem to be getting the job done? That situation is a little trickier, so we’d like to help by providing four signs you need to schedule heating repair in Augusta:

  • You are still cold: If your heater is running and some warm air is making its way out of the vents, but you are still colder than you would like to be, it’s probably time for repair work to be performed. A heater that is working properly should warm up the space rather quickly, and when that isn’t happening, it’s a sure sign that something has gone wrong.
  • Loud noises: While every furnace is going to make some noise while it is running, there shouldn’t be any loud or unusual sounds coming from the equipment. If your furnace has started to make unusual sounds, consider reaching out for help even if it is currently working at an acceptable level. Those noises could be an indication that something is going to break down in the near future.
  • Unusual smells: This goes right up there with loud noises in the category of things you should not ignore. If there is a smell that seems to pop up in the space after your furnace comes on, don’t take that for granted. This is an issue that needs to be explored, so the necessary repair can be performed and the smell can be wiped away.
  • Sky-high costs: If you notice that the bill you receive each month for your heating has suddenly jumped up, poor efficiency from your furnace could be to blame. Heating repair work may be able to correct that efficiency problem and get you back into a position where your bills can return to their previous level.

We’re Proud to Provide Heating Repair in the Augusta Area

It’s our reputation in this area and history in this business that should give you confidence in working with Bailey's when you need heating repair work performed. Additionally, we also offer a full suite of AC services, so no matter what it is that you require to get back on track, you can trust our family-owned HVAC business to get the job done.

Heating Repair FAQs

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We’re Proud to Provide Heating Repair in the Augusta Area

There are plenty of options for HVAC service in and around the Augusta area, but we’d like to show you how Bailey's stands above the competition. It all starts with our commitment to you, the customer. We aren’t interested in making a quick buck and moving on to the next job. We want to build lasting, meaningful relationships with the customers who make up our community. It’s our goal to be there for you when you need us and to offer both professional service and affordable pricing. No matter what your HVAC service needs may be, reach out to Bailey's Comfort Services today to get started.