A homeowner in North Augusta contacted Bailey's Comfort Services l to evaluate why their heat pump wasn’t cooling their home.

A Home With Inconsistent Cooling in North Augusta

The family was concerned that their current air handler system was not filtering enough pollutants out of the air in their home.

As the weather in Split System in North Augusta became warmer, the homeowners noticed the inside air was humid and uncomfortably warm. Moist air is a health concern as it makes it easier for mold to grow in air ducts in your home. If that mold gets into your lungs, you could experience severe respiratory problems.

The homeowner’s heat pump wasn’t cooling the home consistently. Temperatures in May in North Augusta can average 84.2°F and climb to 90.6°F in the summer, so the residents wanted to have the system fixed or replaced.

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Our Evaluation of the Issue

When heat pumps in North Augusta start to malfunction, you can experience unusually warm areas in your home. This breakdown implies that there is some problem with the system. Bailey's Comfort Services’s highly-trained HVAC technicians inspected the AC on the split system and ran through the heat pump service checklist to determine the root cause.

The client’s system was over ten years old and could no longer efficiently heat and cool the home. It was also single-stage. Old heat pumps can lose efficiency as they get older. System components wear out over time, resulting in decreased performance, expensive repairs, and increased energy consumption.

While the client could opt for a repair to improve cooling, the system would continue to lose efficiency. The average heat pump repair can run up to $400 nationwide. You could spend significantly more depending on the repair type, unit size, etc. In this case, a heat pump replacement in North Augusta would be more cost-effective.

Bailey's Comfort Services’s Air Conditioning Solution

Our North Augusta HVAC technicians are knowledgeable about our products. They presented our clients with their options for heat pump repair and replacement. The clients wanted more detail on replacement options, so our technician presented the advantages and disadvantages of a single-stage versus two-stage air conditioning split system.

A single-stage air conditioning split system has a single compressor running continuously at one speed. This system became a popular eco-friendly choice in the 1980s. However, the single-stage system runs on a short cycle. The single-stage compressor uses more energy than it needs to cool or heat your house because it’s always running at full speed.

Technological advancements have led to the development of more efficient two-stage split systems. A two-stage compressor runs at a slower speed in moderate temperatures and a faster speed in more extreme temperatures. As a result, the two-stage air conditioning system distributes heated or cooled air more evenly and uses less energy.

The clients upgraded to a two-stage heat pump to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy bills, and achieve consistent home comfort.

At Bailey's, we stand ready to serve North Augusta residents when needed and offer equipment and service that exceeds your expectations. Schedule air conditioning maintenance, repair, or replacement today.

When to Consider Replacing a Heat Pump?

A typical North Augusta heat pump lasts 10-20 years by Department of Energy (DOE) estimates. The exact lifespan will depend on usage, maintenance, and other factors. Signs that indicate it may be time to replace your heat pump include the following:

  1. Rising energy bills. When your utility bills begin to rise, it is a good indicator that your system’s efficiency is declining and a replacement might be necessary.
  2. Frequent repairs. An aging heat pump or split system will continue to require more frequent maintenance and repair.
  3. Inability to maintain consistent temperatures. When your heat pump can no longer maintain consistent temperatures, a heat pump replacement may be the best option.
  4. Loss of heating and cooling. If your existing heat pump cannot provide adequate heating and cooling, it’s time to consider a replacement.


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